The Tulalip Tribes

Contract Documents Notice to Bidders

Project Name: Valve Can Lid Repair and Maintenance Project

Brief Description of Work: The Valve Can Lid Repair and Maintenance project will include replacing and repairing existing utility structures on the Tulalip Reservation, including but not limited to locating and adjusting sanitary sewer manholes to grade; locating, adjusting, assessing, and repairing existing water valve boxes; adjusting existing fire hydrants, replacing existing guard posts; locating and adjusting existing survey monuments; and associated traffic control and surface restoration in accordance with these Specifications and the Plans. Work is located on the following roads within the Tulalip Reservation: Mission Beach Road, Totem Beach Road, Old Tulalip Road, Mission Avenue, 64th Street NW, 70th Street NW, Totem Beach Loop Road, Marine Drive NW, Walter Mises Jr Drive, Turk Drive, Percival Road, Waterworks Road, Hermosa Beach Road NW, Potlach Beach Road, 6th Ave NW, Meridian Ave N, 14th Avenue NE, 27th Ave NE, Sandra Madison Loop Road, Levi Lamont Road, 81st Street NE, 30th Drive NE, 24th Avenue NE, 88th Street NE, 29th Avenue NE, as further described in the Plans.

Pre-Bid Meeting: N/A

Pre-Bid Meeting Location: N/A

Bid Solicitation Number: 2020-101

Bidding Agency: Tulalip Tribes Roads & Transportation

Bid Submission Location:: 116th St NE Job Shack located at 11404 - 34th Avenue NE, Tulalip, WA

Bid Due Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 2:00 PM

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